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Personal Injury Newsletter – Winter 2013

Welcome to Nestor’s Personal Injury Newsletter, Winter 2013 In this issue, we launch our Personal Independence Payment fact sheet and guide to the implementation of this new benefit programme as Personal Independence Payment rolls out. We also look at how judges are defining the responsibilities of Attorneys and Deputies under the LPA in “Attorney and Deputy Beware”! […]

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Personal Injury Newsletter – Summer 2013

Welcome to Nestor’s Personal Injury Newsletter, Summer 2013 In this edition, we explore the variables of setting investment strategies for lump sum awards in “Managing Damages Awards Post Settlement”. Our State Benefits expert summarises the Government’s new Personal Independence Payment – an essential update for personal injury lawyers. Sam Hall of JMW Solicitors, Manchester explains how best […]

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Personal Injury update Autumn/Winter 2010

Welcome to our Personal Injury Damages Newsletter Autumn/Winter 2010. We hope you enjoy our range of articles, including a piece entitled “Allocation Allocation Allocation” which considers a vital part of the pre-settlement financial planning process when allocating periodical payments for future losses. We also report on the much publicised Helmot v Simon case, dealt with by […]

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