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Brain Injury Conference 2014 – Dr Bruce Sheepers

Consultant neuropsychiatrist, Dr Bruce Scheepers, has considerable experience in brain injury rehabilitation and currently works full-time providing expert medical opinions in personal injury and clinical negligence claims. His opinions are widely published in scientific journals and, here, he shares some insights into the difficulties of legally defining mental capacity. This article is available to read […]

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PILJ – Debunking the Discount Rate

Nick Leech and Andrew Sands build on their article in October’s issue of the Personal Injury Law Journal with further exploration of the traditional lump sum award versus periodical payments. Article Source – Personal Injury Law Journal – December 2014/January 2015 Despite all that has been written about the present discount rate and its impact upon the […]

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Budget Summary 2014

In his fifth Budget speech launched against a backdrop of encouraging economic performance, George Osborne unveiled his plans to support economic recovery. Billed as a Budget for “makers, doers and savers”, it includes measures that could impact on your financial plans. In particular, proposals around pensions and the new tax eficient NISAs are very significant. Download […]

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