We offer specific, tailored advice to claimants looking to invest damages to ensure their long-term security and financial stability.

Specialist financial advice is important to help personal injury claimants protect their interests. Many simply do not have the option to earn a living, and so managing their damages effectively is vital to their future well-being. Investing a lump sum and implementing a robust financial strategy can help claimants get the most from their payment; however, it can also be a daunting challenge.

Nestor gives advice on specific issues relating to personal injury claims, including:-

  • The use of Trusts, the role of Trustees and associated legislation.
  • Pre-settlement issues such as periodical payments and how to choose investments that complement any conventional investments.
  • The role of the Court of Protection and the Public Guardian, where applicable.
  • The interaction of capital received with state benefits or Local Authority assistance.

We understand that there needs to be a smooth transition between the legal team acting in their pre-settlement capacity, to our financial management team handling the case once it has been settled and damages have been awarded. We know that problems don’t disappear after a settlement – claimants simply face a different set of issues. We work to make sure that all their concerns are addressed and the best possible plan for managing their finances is implemented.