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Loss of Earnings

Claims for loss of earnings in personal injury cases can be complex and challenging, particularly when they involve the self-employed, family businesses and employments with variable components such as bonuses or commission.

To help with negotiations and settlement of cases, we provide you with thorough calculations and reports from the financial evidence.  We aim to provide this as clearly as possible and at any stage of the claim process.  We have considerable experience and expertise in advising on evidence and disclosure, providing alternative calculations for different scenarios, letters or reports for disclosure, advising in conference and giving expert evidence.

Loss of Pension

Depending on the age of the claimant or their employment, this may be an important part of the losses to be quantified.  There has been, and continues to be, many changes to state and private pensions, including changes to the way pensions based on final salary are calculated, lifetime allowances and the increasing state pension retirement age.

Again, to help with negotiations and settlement, we provide you with thorough calculations and reports from the financial evidence – set out as clearly as possible.  We have considerable experience and expertise of all types of pension.

A recent case involved an individual invalided out of the army as a result of his accident.  We calculated his projected pension based on career average earnings, the loss of lump sums, the loss of annual pensions taking into account the receipt of state pensions and the total future loss.

Every case is different so we work on an hourly basis.  However, we are well aware of budgeting requirements and the need to control costs.  We are happy to discuss cases and review papers in order to provide a fee estimate before we are instructed.

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