Chase de Vere and Nestor – Better Together

A new chapter in the Nestor story.

As part of our continuing business plan and long term strategy the Nestor Board has unanimously agreed to become part of the Chase de Vere Group of companies.

Over the coming months Nestor Financial Group Ltd will be integrated with Chase de Vere Independent Financial Advisers UK Ltd, creating one of the most experienced teams of independent financial advisers in the UK.

By your side for the years to come.

From the outset the Nestor team has committed to providing the very highest level of expertise and service to the legal professionals and clients that we work with.

We are incredibly grateful and privileged to have your trust and the weight of our responsibility to you as your independent financial adviser is felt deeply by us all.

Knowing that the strategies we advocate might span several years, even decades, for some time we have been determined to ensure that we are here for you for the long-term.

This driving ambition has forged a clear path to Chase de Vere.

As a well-governed, national, Swiss-backed independent financial advice group with a fifty year history, Chase de Vere gives Nestor a highly resilient and secure platform from which we can continue to guide clients well into the future.

Moreover, with its own highly-regarded personal injury and Court of Protection team, the combined skills and knowledge of Chase de Vere and Nestor will make us a significant and influential force in this highly specialised area of advice. Together we have the opportunity to continue to construct a truly unparalleled service for our clients.

What happens now?

The integration of our two companies will take place over the course of several months. That being the case, there are no immediate changes to inform you of. We will of course keep you updated as our integration plan progresses. Please be assured that the Nestor team will remain as your expert advisers and you can continue to expect the same high level of service to which you are already accustomed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your usual adviser.

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 Here is Chase de Vere’s statement:

Chase de Vere Independent Financial Advisers Limited has acquired Nestor Financial Group Limited.

A prominent advisory firm and specialist in the personal injury and medical negligence field, Nestor brings a great wealth of knowledge and experience to complement Chase de Vere’s own well-established Personal Injury and Court of Protection Team.

Together we are a significant and influential force in this highly specialised area of advice and have an incredibly exciting opportunity to deliver a truly market-leading offering to personal injury and medical negligence solicitors and their clients.

Statement from Nick Leech, Director at Nestor:

Nestor has been tremendously successful over its 16 year existence and we have always looked to make the best decisions for everybody involved, staff and clients being foremost in our thoughts. With this in mind, I’m delighted the opportunity has arisen for us to join forces with Chase de Vere.

Thank you for your continued support.