Let’s talk about…fixed fees By Juliet Young, Medical Collation and Chronology Ltd

fixedfeesmccThere has been a lot of social media speculation about the impact of fixed fees within the clinical negligence arena.

Views are polarised. Some are very much opposed to the introduction of such a regime, whilst others have taken a more sanguine approach and hope that any changes will be positive.

Out of all the speculation, the key concern in both camps is that the Claimant will receive their deserved justice.

Clinical negligence claims are, by their nature, complex and time-consuming. By enforcing the fixed fee regime, will this suffocate the Claimant’s lawyers with red tape?

We have spoken to our clients about how we, as a service provider for the collation of medical records, can assist them to be more cost effective in the run up to these proposed changes. Whilst, currently, disbursements are ring-fenced, we here at MCC Ltd take a proactive approach to costs and everything else we do.

We offer a service that reduces the time lawyers have to spend dealing with voluminous and complicated medical records, thereby freeing them to concentrate on complex issues of liability and causation, leaving them time to talk to their clients who are often dealing with sensitive and upsetting issues.

We recently dealt with a case involving 20 lever arch files of medical records. This took two members of staff two full days to collate. The Claimant had lost her eyesight through the alleged hospital negligence. Our client took advantage of our fixed fee scheme and was able to assess our costs without the need for an estimate. Our turnaround is a guarantee, so they were able to instruct us having transparency in all factors, negating any delay in the progress of the case. The time we spent on those files on the lawyer’s behalf made the medical records more accessible, easier to navigate and ensured that our client could focus on the issues to resolve the matter for the Claimant seeking justice.

If/when fixed fees are introduced the hours solicitors can spend on a given case will be reduced if they are to maintain profit costs. Our service ensures that their valuable time will not be spent on the collation/analysis of medical records.