Personal Injury Update Newsletter – Spring 2012

Welcome to our spring 2012 edition.

Regular readers will be aware that we’ve often banged the drum about how periodical payments provide outstanding value, in addition to peace of mind. In this issue, we focus on the case of Morton v Portal, which appears to support our view that periodical payments should be considered in all high value cases.

Separately, we consider the sometimes complex issues involved in ascertaining whether the defendant’s insurer can satisfy the Court as to security of meeting a long-term periodical payment liability. Some cannot, thereby denying claimants lifelong secure income. Our expertise might be able to provide guidance or solutions.

Another familiar topic is that of the discount rate. The financial evidence is that it should go down, but other factors are in play. In our update you will see how Ken Clarke meets Steely Dan – that’s got to be worth a look! And no, it’s nothing to do with his saxophone playing.

Given the volatility in the financial markets over the last 12 months, it’s a good time to weigh the performance of the 7IM Personal Injury Fund. We’ve done just that and it’s done exactly what it
was intended to do. See our performance update for the detail.

We’ve also include a brief overview of the services and expertise that we provide – it’s been seven years since Nestor was created, so a review of what we’re about is timely!

As ever, feedback is both welcome and appreciated.

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