Personal Injury Update Newsletter Spring/Summer 2008

Welcome to our Spring/Summer 2008 edition where we go back to basics.

We explain how specialist financial advice can add value to complex high value personal injury claims, both pre and post settlement.

Arguably, the periodical payments regime has been simplified and made more attractive by the outcome of the Thompstone cases and now highlights the great weight that the Courts should give to the opinion of experienced and responsible financial advisers. Best practice is to be prepared. We examine where the lower level in terms of quantum might lie for consideration of periodical payments in our article “Does Size Matter?” The complementary piece, “Be Careful What You Wish For” explores the place of proper financial advice in catastrophic claims and the risks to
which unprepared claimants might be exposed.

Our article, “Managing Risk and Adding Value” explains how, in uncertain investment times, claimants can ensure that they are being properly advised and also what the Independent Financial Adviser brings to the table. Our wider financial expertise has also resulted in the article on bridging finance, “When Property Purchases Go Wrong – Where Next?” We demonstrate how we were able to help a severely injured claimant when the property purchase did not turn out as expected. You may have clients in similar difficulties, if so, a viable financial solution may be available.

We hope that you enjoy our Newsletter. As ever, feedback is gratefully received.

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