Personal Injury Update Newsletter – Summer 2011

Welcome to our Personal Injury Damages Newsletter Summer 2011.

In this edition, we have a range of articles starting with a back to basics piece “The Discount Rate – What is it, and Why Does It Need to be Changed?” We aim to provide straightforward answers to
the complex issues involved.

Next, “Personal Injury Trusts a Recap for Busy Lawyers”, provides a reminder as to the real value of using Trusts for personal injury damages awards and why that type of Trust remains important for injured clients.

On a financial advice note, we consider two important issues. First, “Total Expense Ratios – What Exactly am I Paying For?” This article debunks the mythology surrounding how investment charges are levied. Secondly, “The End of Financial Advice?” considers how our industry may evolve in the next few years.

By way of update, we report upon the continued success of the 7IM Personal Injury Fund, now nearly two years old. Its solid and steady performance comes as no surprise, as it reflects just what is was designed to do, and should provide reassurance for personal injury investors.

We are pleased to inform you about our New Welfare Benefits Advice Service. Response to the service so far has been excellent and this is a welcome addition to the range of services offered by
Nestor Partnership.

As ever, feedback to our newsletter is always welcome. We noted a distinct lack of response to the Cheesecake Challenge in our last Newsletter. Can we take it that the recipe featured cannot be bettered?

Surely someone out there has a view?

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