The CF 7IM Personal Injury Fund was launched in October 2009 as being a low-risk investment product, suitable for, but not limited to, claimants who have recovered personal injury damages awards. Since launch, the fund has grown in size to over £277 million (as at 31st May 2016) and goes from strength-to-strength. The investment managers, Seven Investment Management, have won numerous industry awards and are recognised as one of the industry’s innovators in the provision of investment services. Monthly updates are provided by 7IM and can be found below:

The 7IM Personal Injury Fund – June 2015 Comment

Financial markets remained unsettled during June, with investors rattled by the continuing, protracted negotiations between Greece and its European partners over a further bailout. Deadlines and ultimatums passed repeatedly with no resolution, and investors worried about default and the possibility of contagion from Greece undermining the financial system across Europe. While Greece dominated investor attention […]

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