Personal injury can have profound and often devastating effects not just on the injured party, but also their family, friends and work. In the aftermath of an injury, the impacts can be complex, including medical needs, litigation, rehabilitation and financial affairs. Families often find themselves under financial pressure as a result of personal injury, and have to begin to navigate the often complicated welfare benefits system. We can help ease the process of dealing with multiple benefits from several agencies.

We can:-

  • Offer a benefit health check service to make sure that clients are receiving all the payments to which they are entitled.
  • Assist with claiming the right benefits and managing the application processes.
  • Provide representation at appeals and tribunal hearings and assist in overturning unjust decisions by applying expert knowledge of welfare benefit law.

We will stand by clients from the very beginning of the process, and at all steps thereafter. We aim to make sure that our clients get the best results possible with peace of mind and confidence in our skills and experience.

You can download our Welfare Benefit Assessment Form here and contact our Welfare Benefits Adviser, Phil Runciman here.

Our menu of welfare benefit services can be downloaded here.