Suffering a personal injury, and everything that follows, is a difficult time for the person involved and those around them. From getting the right medical care to the possibility of the injured person being unable to work again, the financial implications can feel overwhelming at a time when there’s already so much to deal with.

When it comes to financial matters, we can help. Our directors are leaders in the specialist field of supporting those who have received compensation following a personal injury resulting from an accident or medical negligence. Because it’s our area of expertise, we’re always up to date with all the relevant legislation, case law and product development.

We have an independent status which means we can offer truly impartial advice when it comes to financial planning. Our directors give our clients expert yet independent advice on the full range of financial products and services including life insurance, retirement and mortgage planning, savings and cash flow analysis and new sentence- long term investment management for individuals, trusts and deputyships.

We also offer pre-settlement finance services for claimants and their representatives who are going through the litigation process of their claim. We can guide families through the complex Welfare Benefits world and together with our accountants we can provide Pension Loss reports, Loss of Earnings reports and Tax and Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) reports. We can provide expert Periodical Payment reports and advise on and establish Personal Injury Trusts.