Mags Walker

I met the team at Nestor around seven or eight years ago (2006) in the midst of a protracted court case on behalf of my daughter who had suffered a brain injury at birth. My solicitor employed them to act as expert witnesses for the purposes of calculating the damages claim and they were absolutely brilliant.

Following receipt of the settlement, I became my daughter’s Deputy and entrusted the onerous task of safeguarding her money to them. Knowing the team at Nestor are taking care of the big investment decisions for us gives us real peace of mind. We feel very safe in their hands. They have also been great at helping me deal with the Court of Protection. This is a part of being a Deputy which can be difficult and time-consuming – there are all sorts of rules and ways of communicating which were foreign to me – fortunately, Nestor can speak “Court of Protection.”

And surprisingly, for financial experts, they are great fun and very caring – unbelievable but true.