Mr L Prior

I have a real sense that Nestor have my best interests at heart, as well as helping me manage my finances.

I was put in touch with Nestor through my personal injury lawyer after an accident I was involved in over eight years ago. I was a passenger in a car that crashed, leaving me badly injured with a broken back, nerve damage and ongoing mobility issues.

The accident meant that I had to stop working as an Air Conditioning Maintenance Specialist and I’ve been unable to return to work since. My social life was also badly affected; I used to enjoy playing football but my injuries made this impossible. It was also difficult to get out and about with my wife and friends. All of a sudden, the small things I used to take for granted in life became very difficult to do. The accident had a very big impact on my life.

Ryan Lewis from Nestor came for a face-to-face meeting with my wife and I and my lawyer down here in Ramsgate, my home town. I felt at ease straight away. Ryan was knowledgeable and was able to explain the various advantages and disadvantages of the options available to me following my award for personal injury.

After finding out about my circumstances, Ryan recommended a Trustee bank account and an investment portfolio. My wife and I receive regular updates and information to let us know how things are going, this really reassures us that things are ticking along nicely.

If we have any questions, Ryan and his secretary Lindsay are always happy to help and have a great way of explaining things in layman’s terms. I know they’re only a phone call away and we have a close working relationship, despite them being at the other end of the country.

Mr L Prior, Ramsgate.